Wednesday, March 14, 2012

with freedom comes praise, with praise comes prayer (a poem in progress)

you speak your holy words out loud on our
subway and stare your judgement at me. 
if i told you which gods i prayed to
or why, would you respect me any
more or any less? would my 
words roll differently
into your ears? if i 
praised bathala
would you
would you
hiss at the power
of my brown god? would
you scoff at my sungodblessed
golden brown soul? if i blessed you
with my namaste would your heart open
to the abundance? would the core of you unfold?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Synchronize: The Happiness Philiosophy

Ditas Vallés, my gorgeous Nana with my sister
and mom-blogger Rone of


This is a concept my Nana introduced us to. In her specific instance, she used the term in the context of celebrating on pace with another, with a round of beverages usually of the Scotch nature. 

As I think about what happiness means to me, I realize that I am happiest when my Sense of Purpose, Passions and Pursuits are in synch. In contrast, I am least happy when I feel out of synch. And for the most part, being out of synch means that whatever I am pursuing is at odds with my passions and deep sense of purpose.

So as simple as this sounds, it is equally powerful: Synchronize your sense of Purpose, Passions and Pursuits and you stay happy. And of course things this simple and powerful are often easier said than done. But if you follow along over the next few weeks, we'll unpack this discussion and plan our way to happy trails.