Monday, December 31, 2012

When Choosing Among Little Black Dresses

Some of my concerns run deeper than others. For instance, right now I am contemplating which of three black dresses to where. It's a consideration of body-consciousness, sparkle or bare shoulders. You see, I'm getting ready to ring in the new year and my girls and I have decided to glam it up this round.

In truth, such musings reflect deeper explorations in feminism, liberation and freedom of expression. I have had the fortune (and along with it the responsibility) of always being able to choose for myself.  

On the brink of a new year in which this millennium becomes a teen-ager, many other women are living in societies which continue to suppress their voice and impede their rights. There still are women who can't decide what to wear, which school to go to, which bus to take. 

Well aware of this, my girls and don't take any of these freedoms for granted. We give voice and fight and platform to the many women who don't have the good fortune we have.

We wear our stilettos with pride, we choose our black dresses with mindfulness and we move forward into 2013 we welcome the sunrise of better days for women everywhere. Happy New Year, you look gorgeous!