Monday, November 19, 2012

Fortune Cookie Wisdom du Jour

Friday, November 16, 2012

America's Broken Heart

Love makes room. When tested, love reveals true character.

My love affair with America is complicated and rewarding. It lives deep within me, the visceral fiery part where fist and buck and growl live. It lives on my bosom, where it is soft and warm and dizzy.  It sits in my hands that work and hold and move.

Because a big enough part of America feels heart-broken these days, the heart of America is breaking. Because so many of us love America, we all feel this heartbreak in varying ways. And because this is OUR beloved America, we must make room. We must calm the buck and relax the fist. We must reach out and open up. 

We love America, and as America's heart is breaking the only way forward is for us to make room for different views so we can let America do what it has always done. America makes room.

America loves us, so she makes room for all of us.