Friday, November 14, 2008

Dreams of My Father

Still reeling from my first election ever, my first American election.

I was born here, lived here till I was barely two and went back to Manila where I grew up. I was Mama & Papa's 'American Pie.' I have vivid memories of trips to the American embassy to renew my passport as a girl. I remember the big gates, ducking the long queues of visa applicants to the section marked 'US Citizens Services.' In my twenties when the Philippines was in turmoil I remember a different trip to the embassy, this time to start a process of petition for my father's US citizenship. We never carried this through, he is Spanish and now enjoys his EU status. However, his American dream still burns bright in his grandfather-happy heart.

Last night, following the election results closely, seeing the new voices of new blaze and dazzle I was astounded. Beyond words, beyond tears, stunned silent. Heart warmed, eyes wide I saw the dreams of my father coming true. I saw the world that seduced him, seduces him still. I saw a better world for my dear nephews. Where anything is truly possible for everyone. They CAN do anything now. And they will do everything they dream to.

I finally felt like I belonged to a country that was my birthplace but had no real affinity for. I get it now. THIS is what my father dreamed for me. THIS is what Mama meant when she called me her American Pie. I am part of this, this new world. I helped conquer this hurdle.

Wherever life takes me, I will carry this in my heart.